I am a contemporary Bulgarian artist working in the field of fine and applied art. I create acrylic and oil paintings and hand-woven tapestries.
I have inherited the love to art from my grandfather who was a textile designer at the textile factories all around the country. Since my childhood and school years I loved to create different art works like dolls from a variety of natural materials. 

I have painted aquarelles, pastels and sketches too. Then I began to do woven sweaters, jackets and woven wall hangings made of natural materials, some of them combined with carved wood.As an artist and a person, acting with senses and feelings, I would say that art works speak more than words. I let my creations talk about themselves. They alone can show the ways and things which inspire and give me a fillip to do the works.Part of the roots of my inspiration can be found in the traditional Bulgarian folklore and ancient cultures - all of them having left a trace after their presence. I am trying to unite all this multicultural and ethnical diversity in my works reconstituting them through my vision.I like to embed in my creations, both paintings and textiles, various natural materials, be it stones, cracked sea shells, straw, wool, plant fibres etc.

Music has always been taking part in my life, be it Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical or traditional folklore from all around the world. So, the beautiful music has a major influence on my creative process and I have given birth to many of my works while listening my lovely and favourite pieces. Presently, my husband and I are very fond of the Greek Rebetiko music, which we also play and sing with enthusiasm and desire. Some videos can be seen on my Silvia Hara Youtube channel.

Further, Nature plays a great importance in my art as well. Being convinced that every artist needs a wide variety of new and interesting places on earth in order to provoke, enrich and develop their art life, I am constantly aiming to broaden my artistic horizon and to develop myself farther as an artist.In that connection I have participated in Artist-in-Residence Programs in different countries like Spain, Austria, Ukraine and Ireland.My works have been exposed in galleries, fairs and other artistic events in USA, Canada, Ireland, The Netherland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg.